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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Viola tricolour L.
    Violet three-coloured


    Russian names : pansies, a violet three-coloured, Ivan yes Marja; the Ukrainian: фіалка триколірна, bratki триколірнi, brothers; the Polish: fiolek trojbarwny, bratki.

    Identical V. tricolour L. Application has and Viola arvensis Murr. - a violet field (the Ukrainian name - фіалка polova, Polish - fiolek polny), very similar on previous, but at it a nimbus it does not exceed a cup, with white or yellow petals. Use as well other kinds and the versions very little different from V, tricolour L. In the people them do not distinguish, more often V. arvensis Murr., as more widespread.

    Family : Viplaceae - fialkovye.

    The Violet three-coloured - grassy one or a biannual plant in height 5 - 45 see the Stalk simple or branchy, it is a little oblistvennyj, covered with short hairs (as well as leaves), lying, to a top ascending or a straight line. The bottom leaves heart-shaped-jajtsevidnye, and top - lantsetnye. On the parties of sheet two large peristo-separate prilistnika with a large top share. Flowers large, a nimbus much more a cup, two top petals usually dark-violet or dark blue. Lateral petals are inclined to two top petals and cover their bottom edges; the bottom and lateral petals at the basis have hairs. V. arvensis Murr. Flowers small, the nimbus does not exceed a cup, the top petals white, average and bottom bright yellow. In the rest it is similar to the previous. A plant weed V. tricolour L. Grows on dry meadows, in ditches, on wood glades, in prileskah, among bushes, on fields. Blossoms since April till the autumn V. arvensis Murr. More widespread on steam fields, in izrezhennyh crops of grain crops and in kitchen gardens as a weed, on sandy coast of the rivers, in thickets, etc. Meets more often, than previous.

    Collect all plant during flowering, dry in the open air in a shade.

    In national medicine have very wide and various enough application. Experts from the people V. tricolour L. V. arvensis Murr.

    Use napar (water infusion) 20,0 g on 1 glass of boiled water on a half-glass or on 1 glass three times a day More often. Abusing the big doses causes irritation of intestines.

    Napar of a grass of a three-coloured violet accept as krovoochistitelnoe means at different nakozhnyh diseases (ekzema, chiri, rashes).

    Rural grandmas-midwives after a difficult confinement give to the lying-in woman tea from a grass of the three-coloured violet mixed with a grass turns, leaves a walnut and wild strawberry , everyone in equal quantity; for napara take 50,0 - 60,0 g mixes on 1 l of boiled water, Accept 5 - 6 times a day on a half-glass. Assert that such tea clears blood and a uterus from postnatal vydeleny.

    As the means inducing activity of kidneys, diuretic and partly sudorific and krovoochistitelnoe, tea from a grass of a three-coloured violet drink at rheumatism, zolotuhe, a rickets, illnesses of lungs, at a gout and artritizme (in the latter case more often among intelligency), and also at articulate rheumatism. Besides, such napar accept in the people jari prostudnom cough and as otharkivajushchee means.

    Small children cannot give in day of more than 1 glass napara from 10,0 - 12,0 g a dry plant (in 3 - 4 receptions). In children's practice such tea is used in the people very often and with the big efficiency.

    The Grass of a three-coloured violet in the form of tea consider in the people very good krovoochistitelnym as means at venereal illnesses.

    After the use napara from brothers urine has a specific smell.

    Zolotushnye of a rash and scabs treat baths. Besides, in the same purposes apply ointment: in 100,0 g sunflower-seed oil (it is better almond) cook during 5 - 10 minutes 10,0 g colours of a violet three-coloured, 5,0 g grasses budry and 5,0 g dry nehvoroshchi. Filter and merge in a jar. With such ointment grease places where is zolotushnye defeats, or put to them the rags saturated with this ointment, thus a head preliminary depilate.

    Roots of a three-coloured violet very pleasantly smell. The cultivated three-coloured violet as medical means in the people is not applied.

    Storage . Plants store in the boxes which have been laid out inside by a paper.