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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Viscum L. V. album L.)


    Russian names : omela white, etc.; the Ukrainian: omela; the Polish: jemiola.

    Family : Loranthaceae - remnetsvetnye.

    Viscum - omela

    a Fig. 51. Viscum - omela.

    The Known semiparasite settling on trees and bushes in the form of bushes of the spherical form. Leaves opposite, oblong, stupid, kozhistye, with not clear parallel veins, remaining for the winter. Branches viloobrazno-branched out.

    Different forms on poplars, willows , an oak , a maple, a birch, a linden, an elm, on a pear and an apple-tree, even on a pine (very seldom) Parasitize.

    Systematization distinguish some kinds (often depending on a feeding tree). Blossoms Viscum album since February, in March and April. Flowers unisex, dvudomnye, sit bunches on 5 - 6 in forks of stalks and on the end of branches, zheltovato-greenish. Berries oval, white, kleistye, ripen in the end of May. Are extended everywhere in a small amount.

    Collect leaves and the ends of branches not thicker than a pencil - in March, usually after flowering, a berry - in May.

    There is in the people an aspiration to find out more rare forms (in relation to a feeding plant of this semiparasite). Any strong reasons to it are not present, though and it is impossible to give up thought that medical properties omely can be connected with feeding plant.

    Omela has application in the people, first of all as krovoostanavlivajushchee and the astringent, and also boleuspokaivajushchee, glistogonnoe and has some specific value, about what more low.

    Omeloj use at female illnesses, at excessive monthly blood and any other bleedings from a uterus, and also at gastroenteric bleedings. For internal reception use broth 35,0 - 40,0 g on 1 l of water, and for baths 60,0 g too on 1 l of water.

    Omelu use in broth for irrigatsy and for baths (sedentary) at hemorrhoids. For irrigatsy apply broth from omely, a yarrow , water pepper , an oak bark , a nettle and colours of a deaf white nettle - everyone on 10,0 g, and omely 15,0 Boil 20 minutes on weak fire. The same broth washings, lotions and obklady on chronically not healing wounds, ulcers and abscesses become.

    For removal of round worms accept a mix of a powder of leaves omely - 0,5 g, berries omely (dry in a powder - 0,5 g and the root crushed in a powder valeriany - 1,0 this accept the Mix daily within 3 days. Thus it is recommended, there are fresh grated carrots .

    Tea from omely drink at a feeling sick (especially old men and old women), a breakdown and dizziness, "чрьюЁюёхэшш уюыют№".

    Storage . Omelu store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.