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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Xanthium spinosum L.
    durnishnik prickly


    is more rare, but the same application has and Xanthium strumarium L. - durnishnik ordinary. Xanthium spinosum L. - the Russian name; durnishnik the prickly; the Ukrainian: netreba koljucha, strahopoloh; the Polish: rzepien kolczasty, (bodak, swinki, swinska wesz) X. Strumarium - the Russian name - durnishnik ordinary; the Ukrainian: netreba, sheep rep'jah, rep'jashok; the Polish: rzepien pospolity, rzep.

    Family : Compositae - slozhnotsvetnye.

    Xanthium spinosum - durnishnik ordinary

    a Fig. 83. Xanthium spinosum - durnishnik ordinary.

    Durnishnik prickly - an annual grassy plant in height 15 - 100 sm with strongly branched out stalk. Leaves trehlopastnye with longer average blade, from below belovojlochnye. At the basis of leaves sit on one or on two three-separate yellow thorns. Wrappers at fruits prodolgovato-elliptic, zheltovato-brownish, are densely covered thin, direct, on a top by hooked thorns and between them short hairs. On top "яыюфшъют" - upright short small horns. Blossoms in July and August. Grows on weed places, at roads, on pastures, under fences, on dust dumps.

    Durnishnik ordinary too an annual grassy plant in height to 120 sm with okruglo-lopastnymi leaves at the basis heart-shaped, with sharp is large also unequal-gear shares. Wrappers oval with straight lines, on a top hooked, naked yellow thorns. Blossoms in July - August. It is extended, as well as the first. Grows also on waste grounds, weed places, streets (about fences), to sandy coast of the rivers. Collect all plant, srezyvaja it in that place where leaves begin, or dig out it with a root.

    With Water broth durnishnikov wash the parts of a body covered with a rash and amazed with fungi. Broth from durnishnika causes burning, therefore its application demands some care.

    Degree of burning after washing by broth durnishnika individually fluctuates and depends on character of defeat. Especial burning is observed at fungoid defeats.

    Broth durnishnika wash after shaving, especially if on the person there are heat-spots or lishai. It is necessary to test at first however, whether causes burning broth. On Volhynia in the people the "эх=Ёхсѕ" use at gastroenteric indispositions: at a dysentery and diarrheas (once used it and at a cholera), especially broth of seeds and roots, and even all plant, Take 1 table spoon of the crushed plant on 1 glass of water and make and boil 10 minutes. Drink in any quantities.

    Having removed thorns, weight of a plant pound also it grease the places amazed ekzemoj, lishajami, zolotushnymi scabs. Broth from a plant in a dose: 1 table spoon of the crushed plant on 1 glass of water on 2 - 3 glasses in day accept inside at skin diseases.

    Storage . Plants durnishnika store in boxes.