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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Zea mays L.


    Russian names : corn, a maize; the Ukrainian: kukurudza, ma§s; the Polish: kukurydza, kukurudza.

    Family : Gramineae - cereals.

    The Well-known cultivated plant having very great value as grain, fodder and a commercial crop.

    For the medical purposes collect in the people bunches of columns with ryltsami at cleaning and clearing of ears from obvertok. These columns with ryltsami (Stigmata maydis) name in the people "ъѕъѕЁѕчэ№ь тюыюёюь". Dry it in a shade, usually on attics, on a paper.

    Columns with ryltsami corn are considered as a diuretic, "ёюъЁѕ°р¦Ёшь" uric stones in sand, together with gallstones. They join and in many zhelchegonnye mixes of grasses.

    Here one of simple mixes at diseases of urinogenital bodies: corn "тюыюёр" string bean shutters and leaves bearberries in equal parts of everyone, mix and 40,0 g this mix boil 15 minutes in 1 l of water. All broth, having filtered, drink during the day in six receptions. The saltless milk diet, heat baths and hot-water bottles on area of a bladder or kidneys thus is recommended.

    Storage . "-юыюё" corn store in the boxes which have been laid out by a paper.