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Medicinal grasses and plants

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Grasses and Plants


to Apply herbs to improvement of patients people became during immemorial times. It is now authentically established that else ancient shumery in III millenium B.C. knew and successfully used more than twenty thousand plants for the good of a human body.

At least, this time dates the first Sumer tablet found archeologists with the letters which have kept fifteen recipes of various medicines. Knowledge shumerov in this area then have adopted and have expanded vavilonjane.

By the way, they the first have noticed that the sunlight adversely affects medical properties of plants, and began to dry grasses in shades, and some kinds of grasses and at all collected at night thus to save up necessary for exile of illnesses of substance.

The Further development herbal medicine (so treatment by grasses is called) has received in China, Tibet, India and Egypt while, at last, Ancient Greek scientist Gippokrat (460-370 years B.C.) did not systematise this knowledge. He, the founder modern to us of medicine, considered that "ьхфшчшэр - there is an art to imitate curative influence яЁшЁюф№" as in medicinal grasses all is concluded in the concentrated kind necessary for a live organism.

Really, in plants the active substances influencing a live organism by means of components among which is alkaloidy, glikozidy, tannins, essence and other components contain. Depending on quantity and quality of components also there is an influence of vegetative extracts on an organism and, finally, and on an illness outcome.

Despite opinion occurring in the people on absolute harmlessness of broths and phytogenesis infusions, it is necessary to remind that the main objective of the doctor consists all the same in that "тё  the infection in the person has died, and the person thus remained is live, and even эхтЁхфшь". Only for the account "ѕсшщё=тр чрЁрч№" win so-called naturopaticheskie preparations and medicines on the basis of grassy extracts - partly they even are dangerous.

It is Sometimes strange to observe, how circumspect buyers leave drugstores, and without having made decision to get a medicine, but rashly rush to all heavy travolechenija according to the advice of the fellow worker or the neigbour. It is absolutely vain because to apply phytotherapeutic means follows nevertheless carefully, be not overzealous, carefully observe a dosage. Is, the truth, it is a little absolute harmless ways by means of folk remedies to win illnesses. That is, in reasonable limits, certainly. It is possible after all and water opitsja to unconsciousness.

So, if you are beaten, for example, by painful cough, it is absolutely not obligatory to be pulled out quickly from cosy embraces of house slippers and, choking in an attack, to run in the nearest drugstore behind saving mixture or the tablets just recommended by the next advertising from the screen of the TV. It is possible quickly and without especial efforts to build to itself a medicine from make-shifts. And a tasty medicine!

So, the recipe the first. Ordinary garlic which always is in each house, and also a natural butter, in those packs is applied that in wide assortment are on sale in all supermarkets of any city. Steam of the cleared segments of garlic should be crushed in chesnokodavilke and carefully to mix with pair table spoons of a butter. To smear this mix on a piece of bread and to eat. It is possible to do without some bread. Or simply to add the received mix in a plate with mashed potatoes. It is better to apply, of course, for the night not to reflect on how you smell for associates. Though, a smell practically it is not felt. After several receptions the fit of coughing will weaken and at all will come to naught.

One more recipe which can be used at any time, and, in the most populous place. Mineral water and a few soda for this purpose is required. To mix water with soda and to drink - strong cough will abate even. By the way, soda helps with very inconvenient situations without the water also, accepted it is literally in grammes, "эр a tip эюцр". But to take a great interest in such a way it is not advised, as pure soda "фюяшэуш" are harmful to a stomach and a liver.

Exists also exclusively "ьѕцёъющ" a way to bring down a high blood pressure: by means of enough strong tincture chernoplodnoj mountain ashes. Large ripe berries chernoplodnoj mountain ashes (1 glass) to fall asleep sugar in a proportion 2:1 and to squeeze out juice, then to fill in with vodka (0,5 and to insist within days. It is enough to accept one table spoon of such tincture during a hypertension attack as pressure will go down literally in some minutes.

Or ancient and extremely effective way fast (the truth, short) sobering up dead-drunk. Simply enough strongly and quickly-quickly poteret to it ears - and he will regain consciousness from dreams and for some time will return to a reality. It is curious that many after similar returning to a life remember these moments - as it "яю тшыё " and then again "яЁютрышыё " in a non-existence. In the morning, strangely enough, tell about it: "Ђ suddenly I look - I sit on a floor, and you stand nearby and уютюЁш°і"Е

In Russia doctors-herbalists named healers. There lives in the people an ancient legend about the pupil of the healer who has gone to wood with the task to find there at least one "эхэѕцэѕ¦"а blade. The pupil truly sornjakovuju Long-long searched for a grass in huge wood, but has returned to the empty-handed teacher - for it is impossible, he has answered, to find in the world of any useless, trifling plant which would not bring on closer examination advantage to the person. All created by God, is created to serve a human race.

There is a set of national recipes which will help to result an organism in norm, to pull out it from "фЁѕцхёъш§" embraces of all illnesses. However, by all means, as though you were not imposed personally by this or that attracted way to return to a high-grade life without medical intervention, it is necessary to observe a measure.

There is a limit at any national medicine, as though it was not praised highly by relatives, friends or acquaintances, which "ѕцх яюьюуыю". Practising doctors too not eat the bread for nothing, and the modern science has achieved in the branches of the improbable successes incomparable with arisen there is no time naturopatiej and travolecheniem. Philippine hilerov which ostensibly get in the magic image into a body of the patient without a knife and other pricking and cutting tools, too long time spread.

The People brought down to them from all over the world - to be treated "ю= тёхую" while, at last, it was not found out that it is simple swindle. At times rather considered sleight of hand. Sometimes not realised, subconscious fraud is faster - if itself hiler since the childhood lives in the remote settlement and treats, basically, local, countrymen. So in cases of progressing illnesses it is better to address nevertheless to the qualified experts. So it is more reliable.