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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Any herb comprises one or several operating beginnings, i.e. The substances capable in the presence of known conditions to show in a human body and an animal those or other curative properties. These operating beginnings sometimes happen are distributed on all plant. Concentrate only in its certain bodies is more often, and therefore for medical needs it is used or all plant entirely, or only its parts which contain the operating beginnings: at one plants it is roots, at others - leaves, at the third - flowers, at the fourth - all elevated part of a plant etc.

    The Quantity of the operating beginnings containing in a herb, during the various periods of growth and development of the last happens unequally and fluctuates; therefore time of gathering of herbs is not indifferent and is dated by the time of the greatest maintenance in them, the operating beginnings. So, if to business there is all plant, it is collected in the flowering beginning; during the same time plants from which all Elevated parts - a grass are used gather also. Gathering of leaves is made, as a rule, before flowering, behind an exception "ьр=і-ш-ьрёх§ш" (Tussilago farfara L.) which make after flowering. Roots, rhizomes and tubers are made in the autumn, after the termination in a plant sokodvizhenija or in the early spring prior to the beginning of it. Seeds and fruits - in their full maturing, behind some exceptions (for example, seeds boligolova speckled - Conium maculatum L. Gather still green). At last, the bark gathers vesnoju during time sokodvizhenija in a plant.

    Gathering of elevated parts of a plant, in particular colours, should be made dry weather and after a dew descent as only provided that it is possible to keep at drying at plant parts their natural colour and to protect from self-heating (processes of bacterial and fungoid decomposition) which result often is loss by a plant of the operating beginning.

    The Bark acts in film from trunks and branches (krushina), and at an oak - only from branches - by its ring cuts to wood and a cut along a trunk from one ring cut to another and is torn off manually in a direction from top to down.

    Features of gathering of separate plants will be given at the description of the last.