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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Respiratory organs


    Both at illnesses of kidneys, and at a pneumonia the first care in the people considers to achieve some sweat and good functioning of kidneys through which the organism of the patient is cleared of harmful products (disintegration, toxins, etc.).

    At a pneumonia especially useful warm, not hot baths, heating compresses on a breast and a back, mustard plasters, banks, otharkivajushchie mixtures from already before the described herbs are considered.

    Proceeding from national practice, it is possible to recommend the following mix at chest diseases: grasses medunitsy - 10,0 g, leaves lantsetnogo a plantain - 5,0 g, colours (baskets) mother-and-stepmother - 5,0 g, colours of an imperial sceptre - 5,0 g, colours an elder black - 5,0 g, colours lindens - 5,1 g, grasses a primrose spring - 3,0 g, petals a wild poppy - 7,0 g, colours grechihi field - 5,0 g, roots okopnika medicinal - 10,0

    4 table spoons of this mix fill in since evening of boiling water of 1 l and naparivajut within night. Filter through a rag in the morning, squeeze out, warm up and for a day drink drinks all napar. In this zaparke the poppy the alkaloidami, like kodeina, calms cough, and other plants operate as otharkivajushchie.

    Widely known and very popular sudorific in the people, except described above, are dried berries of a raspberry and especially wild, wood raspberry