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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Illnesses of children
    Rickets and zolotuha


    the Rickets during former time was one of the most frequent illnesses of children of peasants and poor ljuda.

    For the rickets prevention insistently it is recommended to mothers to nurse the children and only in exceptional cases to resort to the cow milk. Not to give rahitikam plentiful farinaceous dishes. To care of pure air and a sunlight. Not less often as 2 times a week to bathe the patient in broth from the following vegetative mix: wheaten bran - 1 kg, the sprouted grains of a rye - 200,0 g, a root aira - 1 kg, an oak bark - 200,0 g, grasses chebretsa - 200,0 g, barks willows - 100,0 g, leaves a walnut - 200,0 g, grasses turns - 200,0 g, pine runaways - 1 kg. All make it in 12 l of water, filter, in the filtered dissolve 400,0 g table salt and in it bathe the child 10 - 15 minutes, adding hot water, when a font stynet.

    The Diet of children who have been taken away from a breast and seniors, consists of following dishes and products: fresh both fried lard and stewed pork, jaichki, sour cream, a buckwheat cereal. Carrots or juice from it is very useful. On the contrary, the potato and potato dishes should be limited in quantity. Children provide with a considerable quantity of every possible fruit: apples, wild strawberry, a strawberry, a bilberry, cherries, a gooseberry and other berries, both in a fresh kind, and in foods. In the winter the child is provided with fresh apples. At this time to it give cod-liver oil on 1 tea spoon within a month then the break for 15 days follows, and treatment by cod-liver oil again repeats.

    Both in the winter, and in the summer the child uses fresh air. In the winter, well having dressed and having wrapped up, it take out as it is possible is more often on fresh air. In the summer to it arrange on a sunny side a platform plentifully covered with sand on which accustom the child to acquire a tan, at first short, and then and about one hour. After a solar bath of the child wash warm water and rub off a soft towel.

    Inside give to the child those herbs in which vitamins C contain in a considerable quantity, D, it is a lot of phosphorus and calcium.

    Try, that for a day the child has drunk 2 glasses napara from the following mix of grasses: small cut fruits a dogrose - 80 pieces, leaves a walnut - 3,0 g, colours zveroboja - 3,0 g, leaves a black currant - 3,0 g, leaves wild strawberry wood - 2,0 g, grasses of a violet three-coloured - 5,0 g, turns - 5,0 g and grasses veroniki medicinal - 5,0 All it mix grasses, fill in 1 l of very hot boiled water, cover, put for the whole night in an oven (do not lead up to boiling). Filter in the morning, warm up, add to taste of sugar and allow to the child drink on an empty stomach how many can, usually not less a half-glass. During the day the child drinks 1,5 more glasses in 4 - 5 receptions. Such zaparku prepare daily since evening of the fresh.

    Zolotuha is treated in the people by the means developed by it. First of all, a good food, pure air, a sunlight and heat is provided. From food give oil from those cows who are grazed on meadows, milk, sour cream, yolks, a ham, apples, wild strawberry both other fruit and berries which for the child are not sorry. Towards the autumn - grapes, water-melons, melons. In the winter - fat (mainly crude, not inveterate), cod-liver oil 3 times a day on 1 teaspoon in half an hour after meal - within winter, and through every month become a break for 15 days. Very useful 15 minute baths daily from a mix of such plants are considered: an oak bark , leaves and vershoks of stalks a sage , roots legochnitsy, leaves a black currant , grasses chebretsa - on 5 table spoons of each component, colours of a camomile - 3 table spoons, pine needles (needles) - 15 table spoons, roots a burdock , leaves a walnut ), grasses turns , a root aira - on 10 table spoons of each component, wheaten bran - 500,0 g, the sprouted grains of a rye - 250,0 All mix it, fill in 10 l of water and cook in the closed ware half an hour on weak fire. When will cool down, filter and add to a bath of the hot boiled water which quantity mother usually defines, trying an elbow.

    Inside give to the child 3 times a day on 3/4 glasses of broth from following plants: colours nails - 1 table spoon, colours of a deaf white nettle - 1 table spoon, willow barks - 1 table spoon, grasses of a three-coloured violet - 3 table spoons, roots a burdock - 1 table spoon, grasses turns - 2 table spoons, grasses a horsetail field - 1 table spoon, colours camomiles - 1 table spoon. All mix and take 4 table spoons of this mix on 1 l of water; boil 7 - 10 minutes on weak fire, considering from the boiling moment. After that insist about half an hour, filter and allow to drink to the child with sugar or honey not less than 3 times a day on 1 cup (3/4 glasses) each time.

    From stated it is possible to see that at treatment of a rickets and zolotuhi in the people use many methods which have already entered into scientific medicine.