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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Urinogenital bodies


    Among various urinogenital diseases which the people treat the means, the most frequent are an inflammation of kidneys (sharp and chronic), katary a bladder and their stones.

    In the people consider that the main thing in treatment of an inflammation of kidneys is the diet and auxiliary means - receptions of mixes of herbs. Consider that sick of an acute inflammation of kidneys demands good and very attentive leaving. The confinement to bed and exclusively milk diet (milk with vodoju) Is recommended, and it is even better - full abstention for 3 days from food when drink only tea from a mix of corresponding herbs. For 4th day recommend milk and very sweet compotes to cause in the patient thirst with which satisfy with liquid receptions. Heat baths and 3 times in a week poslabljajushchie means are daily appointed.

    At treatment of stones of a bladder apply hot baths, inside - hot milk, hot tea from herbs about which there was a speech earlier and will be told more low, and, at last, in the people use hot poultices on bubble area, is frequent from a mix of every possible herbs.

    Approximately same treatment is applied and at stones of kidneys.

    At treatment of stones of kidneys and a bladder the people give great value to such means, as seeds to wild carrots .

    The Main mixes of herbs applied at treatment of chronic and sharp diseases of urinogenital bodies, the following:

    the Mix 1 . Accept at occurrence in blood urine on 2 table spoons napara: from a linen seed, crude cut pumpkin seeds , hemp seeds, lime colour , blackberry leaves , colours an elder black , grasses zveroboja and 1 table spoon of colours camomiles . All well mixes up. Take 4 table spoons of a mix on 0,5 l of water, make, naparivajut 30 - 40 minutes, filter also a mix wring out. All the portion long drink for a day, having divided it into 4 receptions. To accept in an hour before meal.

    the Mix 2 . Apply at inflammations of kidneys and a bladder. Take birch kidneys - 4 table spoons, colours tsmina - as much, grasses gryzhnika - 2 table spoons, lime colour (as much, hawthorn berries - 100 pieces, mountain ash berries - 100 pieces, green berries blackberries 100 pieces, small cut roots of an undersized elder, - 4 table spoons, grasses zveroboja - 4 table spoons, branches likopodija - 4 table spoons, colours of a camomile - 2 table spoons. All well mix (crushed), take 4 table spoons of a mix on 1 l of unboiled water, soar in an oven the whole night, and boil 10 - 15 minutes on small fire in the morning. After removal from fire into this hot (but not boiling not so) broth pour 100 razdushennyh " уюф" Dogrose 4 hours closed still also soar. After that a mix pound in ware a spoon, filter, wring out a little. A liquid this accept vodka wine-glasses (piles on 50,0), on one each half an hour. The saltless milk diet is thus observed; heat baths.

    the Mix 3. Accept at inflammations of a bladder and its stones. On 4 table spoons (in the crushed kind): columns (hair) corn , leaves bilberries , leaves bearberries , shutters string beans , young runaways thujas , ovsjanoj straw , branches likopodija. All well mix and arrive in the rest how at the previous mixes.