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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    National ways
    Treatments ekzem


    From a great number of skin illnesses the folk remedies most frequent and well giving in to treatment is ekzema, and is more true ekzemy though treatment of these diseases presents difficulties and for scientific medicine.

    Repeated supervision convince us that ekzema as independent illness, meets seldom and is more often grows out of the broken metabolism.

    Treat sick ekzemoj by internal receptions of water infusions of the wild-growing plants influencing simultaneously on a stomach and an intestinal path, a liver, kidneys, easy, heart, a spleen etc. It is noticed that in some cases from the bodies listed by us (sometimes in addition and endokrinnye glands) especially (but not separately) one suffers any. Attentively studying the patient, always it is possible to establish the basic illness as an occasion for ekzemy. Therefore at drawing up of a mix of the herbs improving a metabolism, it is necessary to bend all efforts and to treatment causing ekzemu illnesses.

    Treatment ekzematoznogo the patient very difficultly though the author observed treatment ekzem from reception only valerianovyh a thaw, from applying of a crumb of a pumpkin and from the use inside and naruzhno wild strawberry berries.

    The treatment Period often happens long, and in the first 2-3 weeks can not be noticed obvious improvement.

    It is the most easier to treat ekzemu in the summer, since June. Matters warmly and the main thing - it is possible to use fresh herbs, including vitamin-rich.

    By us it has already been mentioned existence of different forms ekzem. Working out of a technique of their treatment with use of folk remedies is noteworthy science officers.

    There is no one general scheme of treatment ekzem which the people use. Treatment adapts to specific features of the patient. Nevertheless, as a typical example, a way of treatment ekzemy at one woman, a suffering gout. Ekzema eight-year prescription was available for it on both feet from fingers and to knees and places on other parts of a body. It was accompanied fetid ekssudatami. Treatment have begun in the summer when was a lot of wild strawberry. On a pure cloth the wild strawberry by a layer to 1 sm has been smeared istolchennaja and it had been imposed the amazed places. Procedure repeated 4 days. By this time of a foot were cleared of scabs, from crimson became is bright-pink, ekssudatsija has stopped, and the stench has disappeared. After that the patient has started to apply ointment, the structure and which way of preparation will be described more low.

    Together with it the patient adhered to the following diet. Have been absolutely excluded meat both fish dishes and alcoholic drinks. From fats there was in a food only a butter, except that, unsalted cottage cheese. Porridges, fresh mushrooms were resolved, it is a lot of wild strawberry, sweet cherries, cherries, a mature gooseberry, in August - mature apples, good pears, melons, water-melons. Before a dinner the grated celery with sour cream was given. After a dinner the patient drank a glass of carrot juice. When there were lemons, the patient with food ate juice from two lemons. Eggs and shchavel were excluded.

    The Patient daily took baths from broth of the following mix: a root a burdock - 200,0 g, leaves lantsetnogo a plantain , dry nehvoroshchi and an oak bark - for 300,0 of Such baths it was accepted 5 daily and 10 every 2 day on the third. Prior to the beginning of treatment the patient weighed 108 kg, and in 5 weeks - only 78 kg. Further this weight remained more or less stable.

    For excitation of activity of kidneys, which usually at a gout "фЁхьы¦=" and also for "юёшЁхэш  ъЁютш" the patient accepted instead of tea on 3 incomplete glasses in day of broth from the following mix: grasses zveroboja ) and turns - on 3 table spoons, a root a burdock , a root wild chicory , grasses sporysha , grasses zolototysjachnika - on 2 table spoons, willow barks , colours a yarrow - on 1 table spoon. All mixed it, took 4 table spoons of a mix on 1 l of unboiled water. The whole night soared in an oven (without leading up to boiling), and boiled 7 - 10 minutes in the afternoon, insisted about half an hour and filtered. The patient drank 1 glass of this broth on an empty stomach, another - in 2 hours after a dinner and the third - before a withdrawal to a dream.

    Time a day, after defekatsii, the patient put a small enema in 250,0 sm 3 from napara following grasses: colours camomiles - 1 teaspoon, colours korovjaka - 1 table spoon, grasses a horsetail 2 table spoons, an oak bark - 1 table spoon, colours a yarrow - 1 table spoon, a root valeriany - 1 teaspoon. Having mixed, all filled in 0,5 l of boiled water and in 2 hours filtered. The enema was kept whenever possible longer.

    As a result of treatment the patient has recovered.

    For external lotions on amazed ekzemoj places prepare broth from a mix of such herbs: petals of a cultural rose (what take for jam) - 10,0 g, a root a burdock - 10,0 g, grasses dry nehvoroshchi - 5,0 g, colours nails - 10,0 g, grasses a horsetail , - 5,0 g, an oak bark - 5,0 - 10,0 boil All this mix 7 - 10 minutes in 1 l of water, then still naparivajut minutes 20, filter and merge in a bottle. Broth napityvajut a piece of an old pure linen cloth, wring out a little, fold double, impose on ekzematoznye places, from above on a cloth put a wax paper and wind with dry bandage. When the cloth will dry up, a lotion repeat throughout days. After the lapse of days, sore points open on an hour for rest and skin breath. After that the slice of cotton wool moistened in ointment (about which see More low), rub sore points, trying to do it probably it is easier. Then sore points remain opened still half an hour, and only after that again put a lotion for days etc., will not begin to live yet ekzemnye places.

    Among ekzematoznyh patients is such which organism does not transfer lotions, does not transfer, as speak in the people, "ё№Ёюё=ш". To these people do not do lotions, and 4 times a day easily rub sore points with the ointment specified more low, cover with a linen rag and tie with bandage.

    Structure and a way of preparation of ointment. Roots a burdock - 10,0 g, colours nails - 5,0 g, rose-petals cultural (Rosa centifolia L., R. Rugosa Thunb, R. Damascene Mill., Etc.) - 5,0 g, grasses balms - 5,0 g, colours tsmina - 5,0 g, leaves a walnut - 5,0 g, grasses budry - 5,0 g, a horsetail - 5,0 g and an oak bark - 5,0 All mix, add 250,0 g the present almond oil and on weak fire boil 15 minutes. Remove from fire, put in a warm oven for the whole night, and filter through a gauze combined twice-three times in the morning and merge in a jar. Such ointment is desirable for making in the summer. Then take fresh plants (leaves, flowers, a grass).

    There are no standard methods of treatment ekzemy. The individualization is necessary.