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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    Qatar of a stomach with insufficient acidity of gastric juice


    All kinds katara a stomach are treated mainly by a diet, skilful selection of food and ways of its application. Medicines in this case are of secondary importance.

    At insufficient acidity of gastric juice of the patient eats as follows. To it give meat soups from fresh thin meat, to an ear from fresh fish, fried on oil thin meat or fish, brains, cream or sour cream. Firm products should be carefully pounded (shattered), but something leave not shattered, for example, roll crusts, the soft, well boiled down meat as chewing process causes allocation of gastric juice, and it at the lowered acidity is very important. From a garnish give, a sourcrout, kvashennuju with caraway seeds, sour baked apples, from seasonings - an onions, garlic, juice from a sauerkraut and so forth itself it is clear that selection of meal for gastric patients should be put in dependence on activity and other digestive bodies.

    It is necessary to care of cleanliness of a mouth and a teeth, and sometimes accompanying kataru a phenomenon stomach from outside a liver and an intestines (diarrheas) compel to respective alterations in selection of dishes.

    From medicines give bitter grasses, but not a wormwood, and zveroboj. The food should be low-fat. From fats the butter in the limited quantity is supposed. Vegetable oils are forbidden. Within 6 weeks daily on an empty stomach the patient should eat a half-glass kvashenoj (sour) cabbage and wash down with its same quantity of juice from the same cabbage. In half an hour after reception of cabbage of the patient drinks a glass of broth from a mix of following grasses: zveroboja - 40,0 g, tsentavrii - 40,0 g, a yarrow - 30,0 g, wild chicory - 30,0 g, dymjanki - 20,0 If are available for the patient the tendency to locks, add still a bark krushiny. All to mix. From the specified mix take 4 table spoons with top, fill in 1 l of unboiled water (do it daily since evening) and put in an oven on all night long. In the morning boil 5-7 minutes, considering from the boiling beginning, remove from fire and leave broth covered on half an hour then filter, to the patient give after cabbage the whole glass of this broth which again has been well warmed up. Then the breakfast (boiled milk, a roll, the oil, two eggs) and in half an hour again hot broth of grasses follows. The remained broth is distributed on 4 receptions on the rest of day, each time in an hour after food intake.

    The Quantity krushiny in the above-stated mix of plants of the patient regulates itself, aspiring to exclude locks, but also not to cause a strong indulgence. At a considerable indulgence a bark krushiny for a while absolutely exclude, and at a watery chair receptions of grasses stop for days.

    For a supper 2 glasses of fresh curdled milk without sour cream with a roll slice. Black bread is excluded. It is recommended to throw smoking. It is authorised during have put on to drink 200,0 g good cahors wine, and summer of 2 piles of beer. Any berries and especially cherries and a currant, and also sourish compotes in the summer are resolved.

    Treatment should proceed continuously 6 weeks.