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    the Stomach ulcer and a duodenal gut


    It is treated by the same methods and the same medicines. For the health the people have found the medicines in struggle, have developed also the dietetiku. In this description of national treatment of a stomach ulcer the ulcer arising because of nervous experiences and long proceeding sincere depressions is selected, i.e. The ulcer not complicated which, certainly, recovers if at treatment to become on the point of view of the people and as the corner-stone to put that national principle that the person becomes the invalid and lays down in bed not because that at it in a stomach an ulcer, that is why that at it "фѕ°р not in яюЁ фъх" and "фюэхыіч " nerves are upset.

    Selecting a diet and medicinal, plants for stomach ulcer treatment, the people turn the first attention on nerves and on the second place put a stomach with an ulcer.

    Observing of national treatment of a stomach ulcer and behind all its simple methods, it is possible to come to conclusion that for of this kind stomach ulcers about which it is written, it is not necessary medicines and if and it is necessary to resort to them they give only time simplification to which does not need to rejoice. On the contrary, for ulcer patients the diet for a stomach and careful ohranenie the patient with sincere experiences is what a life buoy for rolling. Here rest, both for nerves, and for a stomach, and those means and medicinal grasses about which we will speak more low is necessary only, are necessary addition to a diet, filling in it the components necessary for nerves and for a stomach.

    For ever, certainly, tobacco smoking is forbidden to the Patient. Any food should be malosolenoj, not hot and not cold, but warm. Sharp and spicy foods (a horse-radish, pickles, mushrooms, an onions, garlic, parsley, vodka, beer, wine) are necessarily excluded. All foods, even gruel porridges, should be ground through a dense sieve, not contain the slightest grains for they give an occasion to chewing that causes excessive allocation of gastric juice, and, except that, they can irritate an ulcer.

    In the first half of the year of treatment of an ulcer all grades of bread, except a roll, are excluded. The roll is produced under the following recipe. Take 1 kg of the good sifted wheat flour and in it pour in half-litre of very hot boiled milk, adding salts to taste, and pound, that does not remain grains. When zaparka will cool down, add to it 50 g the yeast stirred in milk and abruptly get mixed up. It is necessary to knead half an hour. When the dough will be smoked, it needs to be rumpled, that has settled; when it will again be smoked, the second time to rumple before subsidence and only such settled dough to put on protivni, oiled. Insert it into the furnace, having greased with warm water, only after it on sheets will be smoked in the third time. Minutes through 45 roll it will be ready and next day it submit to the patient. It suffices for two days. It "=рх=" in a mouth without chewing.

    From porridges it is possible to give to the patient everyone, except prosjanoj, boiled on milk, not abrupt, but also not liquid, and "ёхЁхч ыюцъѕ" and necessarily wiped through a sieve, warm. The patient should put oils in it, how many wants, but so that in the end of a dinner he has eaten it not less than 200,0 After a dinner oil will be replaced by other products containing fats about what we will tell more low.

    Pea soup from the peeled peas, wiped, with oil as rich with albumens, it is very desirable if it is well transferred by the patient. It is necessary to give to the patient the fresh, well wrung out cottage cheese from the fresh curdled milk, stirred half-and-half with cream and wiped through a sieve. In cottage cheese it is necessary to pour in cream so much that it looked, as porridge "ёхЁхч ыюцъѕ". Milk without porridge is badly transferred by patients, it is better to replace it with tea with cream.

    From sweets very well at an ulcer to give honey, as the substance, braking allocation of juice and calming nerves, together with sugar. In the first days of treatment for honey and sugar there can be a heartburn. In that case, if it is very painful, it is possible to chew 5 grains of oats, swallowing of a saliva and so long to chew, while in a mouth there will be no from oats a chaff which needs to be spat out. Thus the heartburn passes. The next days treatments it does not appear any more for those medicines, about which else there will be a speech, from first days eliminate a heartburn.

    From fat-containing products, besides oil and cream, any nuts and sweet almonds, pounded in a mortar and wiped through a sieve are very desirable and useful. They need to be submitted to second half of day (time will be specified).

    It is necessary to tell some words about kissels. From what them to prepare? 100,0 g dogrose berries small to cut up and together with grains to fill in with one glass of warm boiled water. To do it since evening, that a dogrose mok night and a part of next day before kissel preparation. The become wet dogrose in the same ware is good for pounding to such condition when from it there are only films. Two times to filter through a dense cloth and the filtered liquid to pour in in the made starch. To add 80,0 g to sugar, to stir and allow to cool down. Kissel to submit the poured 2 spoons of fresh beer yeast.

    Next day instead of kissel, from a dogrose prepare jelly from slices of one average size of a lemon with a crust. A lemon not to cook, and to prepare how a dogrose. Sahara to put 100,0 - 120,0 of Jelly before giving to pour 2 table spoons of fresh beer yeast.

    For the third day instead of kissel give to the patient, after a dinner a glass of tincture from a dogrose. Dogrose berries namachivajutsja as and in the same quantity, as well as for kissel. Add 50,0 g sugar and 2 table spoons of beer fresh yeast. Allow to drink in the warmed-up kind.

    For the fourth day give to the patient kissel from 2 oranges without a crust and half of lemon with a crust. Prepare and submit, as kissel from a dogrose, and also with yeast.

    For the fifth day - kissel from a cranberry with addition of 1 spoon of young birch leaflets. A cranberry pound, add to it 1 spoon of birch leaflets, stir and fill in with 1,5 glasses of warm boiled water, cover, put at 1 o'clock on a plate, without leading up to boiling, filter and pour in in the made starch. Sahara 60,0 before giving pour over the Cooled down kissel 2 spoons of fresh beer yeast.

    For the sixth day it is possible to prepare jelly from fresh an apple dried apricots, having added there a gain from 100,0 g a dogrose. Sahara 70,0 of Jelly pour 2 table spoons of fresh beer yeast.

    In giving the patient of kissels should continue Such alternation 42 days. 42 days of the patient all these should lie in a bed with a hot-water bottle on stomach and liver area. To rise to it it is authorised so that movements a day was no more than 4 hours, or, in other words, after each 2 hours of lying with a hot-water bottle it is possible to resemble 20 minutes without a hot-water bottle.

    At stomach ulcer treatment these first 42 days following means are necessary.

    The Squeezed out juice from a crude potato of red grades - 3 times a day on 100,0 g on an empty stomach, for half an hour before a dinner and before a dream. Prepares so: potato well washed up and wiped dry with a peel is wiped through a dense grater. Juice with starch is wrung out. Every time fresh prepares. Potato juice - rather necessary neutralised acidity means at a stomach ulcer.

    The Second means - water infusion of a linen seed as enveloping. Prepares so: in the morning of 2 dining rooms, spoons of a linen seed fill in with 1,5 glasses of very hot boiled water and leave till the evening at a room temperature. Filter through a liquid cloth in the evening and put for the night near the patient. The patient, having woken up, should drink at least half. If the patient does not wake up and will not drink some linen infusion, last throw out and prepare new (quickly sours). 42 days at night, and potato juice - the first 28 days on 3 times day, and other 14 days - 2 times are necessary to drink linen infusion throughout all: in the morning on an empty stomach and before a dream.

    For a stomach and metabolism improvement use broth from following grasses:

    • Herba Polygoni avicularis 40, 0
    • Herba Hyperici perforati 40, 0
    • Herba Erythreae centaurii 20, 0
    • Flos Achilleae millifolii 20, 0
    • Flos Helichrysi arenarii 2.5,0
    • Folia Betulae 20, 0
    • Folia Vaccinii myrtillis 30, 0
    • Folia Menthae piperitae 10, 0
    • Flos Matricariae chamomillae 8, 0

    If there are locks or the tendency to them add still barks krushiny 30,0

    At frequent swellings of intestines to the previous recipe attach still following, consisting of vetrogonnyh grasses:

    • Rhizoma Acorus calami 10, 0
    • Semina Cari carvi 8, 0
    • Radix Valerianae 10, 0

    To Mix and istoloch, to powder.

    From the first mix of grasses broth prepare as follows: fill in the glazed pot of 4 table spoons (everyone with top) mixes of grasses in the evening and fill in 1 l of unboiled water. Having covered, put for the night in a cold oven. Boil on a plate 5 - 7 minutes, beginning from the boiling beginning in the morning, then remove from fire and, having covered and having put on a table, 20 minutes allow to be soared even. Filter and wring out.

    During what time the patient accepts this broth, will be specified more low. Also it will be specified, when the patient accepts a powder under the second recipe.

    The table of a food and a mode of the patient More low is offered:

    7 o'clock in the morning. The patient rinses a mouth tincture of a sage and drinks 100,0 g potato juice.

    8 ch. Drinks 1 glass of a warm gain from grasses.

    9 ch. The first breakfast. The patient eats three egg whites, a little salted and stirred on a warm frying pan with 50,0 g fresh oil, and a slice of a special roll (one crumb).

    9 ch. 20 minutes of the Patient drink 1 or 2 glasses of warm dense boiled milk with a crumb from a roll.

    10 ch. Drinks a half-glass of a warm gain from grasses.

    11 ch. The second breakfast. Fresh cottage cheese with young sour cream or cream and with 30,0 g oils. It is necessary to wipe all through a sieve and to salt a little. Instead of cottage cheese it is possible to give to the patient the warm talker from wiped through a sieve svezhesvarennogo a potato with 2 glasses of hot boiled milk, with 20,0 g oil and there is some salted. On the second dish it is possible to give to the patient twice ground compote from fresh apples with dried prunes or apricots. Sahara 30,0 To it submit a roll. In the summer instead of compote it is possible to give a plate of ripe wild strawberry with a glass of the cream which have been brought down with 30,0 g of sugar.

    12 ch. To accept 1 teaspoon vetrogonnogo a powder under the second recipe and to wash down 1 / 2 a glass of a warm gain from grasses under the first recipe.

    12 ch. 30 minutes - 100,0 g potato juice.

    1 ch. Day. A dinner. On the first dish it is possible to submit "ъыхщъш" (broths) from different groats: barley, buckwheat, ovsjanoj, rice, but not prosjanoj, the potato or pea soups twice wiped through a sieve. Both broths, and soups move with oil. The second dishes are already described and move in the specified alternation.

    2 ch. To accept 1 teaspoon vetrogonnogo a powder under 2 recipe and to wash down 1 / 2 a glass of a warm gain from grasses under I recipe.

    3 ch. A glass of cream with a slice of a crumb of a roll.

    4 ch. A half-glass of warm broth of grasses.

    5 ch. Pounded nuts or the sweet almonds, wiped through a sieve.

    6 ch. To exhaust 1 orange or 100,0 g grapes, or to eat a glass of wild strawberry with sugar, or a half-glass to tea with 100,0 g to honey, or to eat 1 good pear bere.

    8 p.1 or 2 glasses of fresh curdled milk with a slice of a crumb of a roll;

    9 ch. The patient drinks 100,0 g potato to juice, cleans a teeth and lays down with a hot-water bottle to sleep.

    All foods about which there was here a speech, not are equally good and comprehensible to all. They are necessary for individualising and accordingly to replace with others that it is realizable for city dwellers easier. Patients do not love some potato juice, but it is necessary the same as it is necessary to lie in bed with a hot-water bottle of 6 weeks. For sdobrenija juice it is possible to add to it 1 - 2 drops of any essence. If yeast bothers the patient it is possible to replace them with barley malt. For this purpose namachivajut 2 table spoons of malt in sweet boiled water some hours, filter and add to kissels. If this liquid is pleasant to the patient, it is possible not to limit it.

    It is recommended to weigh each 3 days the patient.

    In 6 weeks from an initiation of treatment the condition of the patient improves, it becomes cheerful.

    It is necessary to tell some more words about the further diet of the patient when by the end of 6th week he has had a rest, and its gastric secretion began to come nearer to norm.

    Till this time of the patient did not receive meat products. Now in the mornings to it give instead of egg whites the whole egg welded soft-boiled, and in the afternoon - boiled white meat and the fish, well ground, prepared in the form of quenelles. A pork fillet without fat, white meat and the fried fish, already not wiped, give on 4th month of treatment. Meat soups, these vigorous stimulators of allocation of gastric juice, are resolved on 9th month of treatment. At night hot-water bottles remain till 9 months. Instead of a linen seed, at night give to the patient a root okopnika (Symphytum officinale L. № 52), prepared as and in the same portion, as well as a linen seed. For a supper - curdled milk with a grated hot potato and oil.