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Medicinal grasses and plants

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    the General data on ways of use and dosages of the medical plants applied in the people


    In the people it is noticed that action of the same plant on an organism can be unequal, and depends on features of an organism. At the same time it is noticed that each plant possesses the features of action on various bodies or their functions. Besides, in the people consider that action of one plant is less effective, than at connection of the several plants taken from their same group.

    These can explain that circumstance that everywhere where business concerns struggle against persistent and long suffering, the people apply mixes of grasses and is not fruitless. Consider it necessary at the diseases accompanying the main illness (the complicated diseases). It is a question not only of the different operating beginnings in different plants, and and that the operating beginnings of one plant are released for the work or are stimulated with any substances of other plant, as a matter of fact, not being, maybe, directly medicinal. At difficult diseases the effect of treatment solves not one vegetative medicine, and their interaction. It, certainly, it is necessary to consider at studying of efficiency of application of national herbs. Interactions in an organism of the medical beginnings of herbs are very difficult, but their studying - is unconditional, a grateful problem.

    Herbs are applied in the people as inside, and naruzhno.

    Inside enter plants: 1) in the form of the juice squeezed out of a plant, 2) broths from plants, 3) extracts from roots, a bark, seeds and fruits by means of water, wine, vodka, spirit and 4) a powder from the dried up parts of plants.

    Naruzhno - in the form of baths, enemas, obvorachivany in a bed-sheet wetted in broth from herbs, in the form of lotions, compresses, applyings of parts of a plant and paste from them to sore points, etc.

    The Dosage of herbs. National practice shows that most often meeting and, it is possible to consider, the most suitable and good general dose for application inside - one table spoon "ё тхЁ§юь" small cut up plant or a mix on a glass of boiled water or four table spoons with "тхЁ§юь" on boiled water litre. Features of dosages of separate plants will be given at a statement of corresponding materials.

    Proceeding from national practice, it is necessary to make some more explanatories how broths and napary from grasses prepare and when to do broths, and when napary.

    If mixes contain a bark, roots, tubers, seeds, berries, wood and bearberry leaves then in most cases prepare broths, in other cases - napary. Roots okopnika and dogrose berries are not subject to broth, and therefore, preparing a mix for broth, it is impossible to put the specified components there. The operating substances concluded in a root okopnika, and vitamins in dogrose berries collapse at kipjachenii.

    Broth Preparation. Four table spoons of the mix, each spoon with top, fill in poltoralitrovuju ware (is better clay, instead of metal it is important in order to avoid reaction with metal), fill in with unboiled water litre, stir, cover and leave for the night at a room temperature that the potion has become wet. Do it since evening. In the morning a mix put on fire and when will begin to boil, - continue to boil under a cover 5 - 7 minutes. Remove from fire, leave covered on half an hour, then filter through a clean rag and wring out. A potion throw out, and broth if it will be cooled, warm up and drink on an empty stomach hot, drink the whole glass, and the rest drink during the day in four receptions, each reception in an hour after meal. And so arrive during all time of treatment, daily preparing fresh broth. At a broth souring for the end of day prepare its smaller portions, on two, approximately, reception (summer).

    Napar prepares almost as. A difference only that fill in a potion with boiled water and the whole night soar in an oven (gradually cooling down). Warm up in the morning and accept the same as also broth. These are the ways of preparation of broths most standard in the people and naparov.

    In each herb in overwhelming majority of cases the particle of operating substance or the substances which quantity is impossible while practically contains neither to increase, nor to reduce. Therefore, I use medical plants, we accept with them a microscopic share of that substance which medical an effect has. The doctor either increases a dose of a medicine, or reduces depending on character and weight of illness or for other reasons. With herbs while their operating beginnings have not learnt to allocate, it cannot be made. Therefore in the people are treated by plants in most cases very long, and practice shows that the longer to be treated by them, the better. For example, at some illnesses (long ulcer processes in a stomach, started ekzemy) are treated by plants many months, doing every two month a break for 14 days. The treatment by plants is more long, the more necessary there is a certain mode, somehow: Movement in the open air, stay in pine wood, baths, and so forth Food recommend the sun not so much nourishing, how many digestible, with an exception of it of alcohol and any spices.